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From the initial inquiry to the launch of business and beyond, we guide potential and existing investors, both local and foreign, through the process of investing in Grenada with expert advice and efficient, transparent services.

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Doing business in Grenada is already relatively easy, especially with our range of hand-holding services that take you through the steps of investing locally.

Advice & Information

We are committed to providing expert advice about investing and doing business in Grenada, because we want our clients to get the most out of their investments.

Investment Facilitation

Our investment facilitation services play a key role in helping investors navigate the financial landscape in Grenada and get their business off the ground.

Investment Incentives

We manage the application process for investment incentives, granting eligible investment projects the benefit of tax exemptions, tax credits, and more.

Investment Aftercare

Our thriving Aftercare Programme ensures that relationships with investors are maintained and strengthened throughout the life of their business.  

Investment Advocacy

In response to changes in the global and local investment landscape, we lobby for policy changes to ensure that your investment project remains as unaffected as is possible. 

Grenada at a Glance

The Investment Advantage

Doing business in Grenada is relatively easy.

There are minimum entry requirements, free movement of capital, profits and dividends, attractive fiscal incentives, no restriction on foreign ownership, and a host of programs and opportunities geared towards helping you make the most of your investment.


Robust CBI Programme

Our popular CBI programme offers different pathways to Grenadian citizenship, including investing directly into the economy or through an approved real estate project.


Political & Economic Stability

Low crime rates, no political violence and a stable economy are just a few factors that make Grenada the ideal investment destination.


Minimum Entry Requirements

The first step to starting a business in Grenada is registering a business name. It’s that simple.


Trade & Investment Opportunities

Grenada is full of investment potential in sectors such as Energy, ICT, Tourism, Agri business and Manufacturing.


Skilled & Productive Labour Force

Grenada places significant emphasis on educational and vocational training as part of national development. As a result, investors to Grenada can look forward to working with a qualified team.


Excellent Quality of Life

Grenada brings to life the essence of work-life balance, where opportunities to work and unwind are around every corner.


Bi-lateral Trade Agreements

Investors have access to lucrative markets through trade and investment agreements with regional and international countries.


Upgraded Airport & Port Facilities

Grenada’s upgraded airport and port facilities offer direct access to major hubs in the US, Canada, UK and Europe.


Robust Communications Network

There’s no need to worry about staying connected when you’re in Grenada, thanks to a stable and liberalized telecommunication market.

Our Impact

Building A Better Grenada

Since its inception in 1985, the Investment Promotion Agency has transformed into a full-fledged investment agency, capable of facilitating all domestic and foreign investments.

The IPA continues to be a reliable, responsive, and world-class professional organization which makes an ever-increasing contribution to the socio-economic development of Grenada. Its operations are governed by the principles of integrity, confidentiality, and reliability and the promotion of inclusive business relationships with investors. In keeping with its mission to support economic and social development, the IPA has been facilitating investments and advocating for an enabling environment in which business, trade, and industry can prosper.

Within the last decade, the IPA has facilitated over 350 domestic and foreign investments projects, resulting in the creation of over 5000 jobs, and the injection of over EC$ 1.5Bn of foreign capital into Grenada’s economy.


Applications Received






in Foreign Capital Inflows

Our Focus

Priority Sectors

The Tourism and hospitality industry in Grenada remains the fastest growing sector of the Grenada Economy. In 2014, the island was officially branded as “Pure Grenada” which is truly fitting proprietary that/as it encompasses the natural attributes and features such as lush verdant mountains and rain forest, cascading waterfalls, rivers, volcanic craters, lakes and ponds, tropical flora and fauna and beautiful white and black sand beaches. Added to these, Grenada is equipped with modern infrastructure – Cruise ship terminal, international airport and guest accommodations that includes a luxury hotel, boutique hotels, villas, cottages, and guest house.

Boutique Hotels

Grenada’s small size and intimate atmosphere are the main contributors to the island’s exclusive feel and desirable attributes. The island boasts of a wide array of award-winning, Caribbean chic hotels with a contemporary vibe and modern Caribbean spirit. There are opportunities for investment available for further expansion of this niche sector to construct small attractive hotels that will complement the island’s existing level of accommodation. 


As one of the best yachting destinations in the Caribbean, sailing in Grenada affords yachters the luxury of admiring lush mountains, white sand beaches and enjoying a host of activities ashore. This attractive sector has numerous opportunities for investment for further expansion and profitability. Grenada has an active cruising community and due to its location at the southernmost end of the Caribbean Archipelago, the island is usually a haven for yachts during the hurricane season.  


Grenada is considered the dive capital of the world and has some of the most breath-taking dive sites in the Caribbean region. Home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park, Grenada boasts the most picturesque shipwrecks, vibrant coral reefs and drift dive sites. As a constant staple in the tourism industry, the dive sector has the potential and numerous investment opportunities to be further developed as auxiliary tourism products increase in demand. 

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