Our Incentives

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme is one the most sought after CBI programmes in the world. By making a significant investment into Grenada’s economy, contributing to the National Transformation Fund or buying into an approved real estate venture, this exclusive programme affords investors the opportunity to gain citizenship for themselves and their families to live and work in beautiful Grenada.

When you choose Grenada’s CBI programme, you will be entering a well-known, stable and established investment environment. In addition to this, our CBI programme includes minimal processing fees and no residency requirements before or after citizenship has been granted. There is no minimum education or management experience required, and the application process is confidential. Visit Grenada’s official CBI website to learn more.

Getting Around


Grenada’s main airport is the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA). It has a 9,000 square feet runway that is capable of handling large commercial jets for both day and night landings. It has excellent connections with North America and Europe via direct flights and other Caribbean islands.

MBIA is located in the southern region of the parish of St. George. It is situated in close proximity to the island’s hotel and tourism belt. A smaller airport, Lauriston Airport, is located on the sister isle of Carriacou and is utilized for inter-island services.


The Grenada Ports Authority is responsible for the operations and administration of seaports within the state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.

The Port of St. George’s handles all Grenada’s container traffic. The facility provides 1,100 feet of continuous berth and five (5) acres of container handling and Storage Park. Port services include berthing, cargo receipt, storage and delivery, cargo sorting, container rentals, mooring buoys, mooring or running lines, stripping/unstuffing of containers and pilotage.


Grenada has a comprehensive road network that allows any part of the island to be reached within one to two hours from St. George’s.

Public transportation is available from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and includes taxi services, vehicle rental agencies, and tour buses. Taxis are plentiful and can be hailed on the street, while rental cars are easily arranged for independent travel.

For reference, the average cost of transportation to the tourism belt from the Airport is US $25.00

Employment & Hiring

The Government of Grenada understands the need of foreign investors to hire non-nationals with specialized skills. Therefore, the government has approved legislation that will provide for the hiring of a non-national however, the employer must prove to the authority that nationals are unable to fill the position – proof must show that efforts were made to obtain the skill in Grenada; this can be through the form of radio, newspaper or television advertising for the job position.

The employer must also present to the Ministry of Labour the measures that will put in place to train nationals and ensure skills transfer so that a Grenadian can fill that role in the future.

Employers wishing to import labour must complete an application for a work permit. Applications for work permits are processed by the Ministry of Labour.

Monetary Systems

Grenada is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and is bound by its general guidelines as a monetary supply and bank regulations. The country uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) which is pegged to the United Stated Dollar and an exchange rate of XCD $2.7169 to USD $1.00.

There are no exchange controls on foreign currencies and securities in Grenada. Therefore, an individual of either local or foreign origin can transact foreign monies and or operate a foreign currency account with any of the commercial banks in Grenada once they offer such services.

The repatriation of capital, dividends, interest, and other distributions and gains can be freely transacted; subject to the paying of all applicable taxes.