Facilitation Services

Whether you are a prospective or existing investor, we’re committed to helping you navigate the business landscape in Grenada. We created the investment facilitation manual to provide a comprehensive guide on what is needed to operate or expand an investment venture in Grenada. However, the IPA team is ready and willing to assist you in securing the required permits, licenses, and incentive approvals to operate these ventures.

The Investment Promotion Agency also hosts investment missions and can arrange meetings with government officials and stakeholders, and investment site visits.

Incentive Services

The Government of Grenada has implemented an incentives regime offering a wide range of attractive fiscal incentives to stimulate and encourage the establishment and development of new businesses. The Investment Promotion Agency manages the registration and certification of the qualifying investment projects, i.e., projects that operate within Grenada’s priority sectors.

As part of this regime, domestic and foreign investors can enjoy investment incentive benefits such as investment allowances, exemptions on customs duty and excise tax, suspension of Value Added Tax (VAT), and tax credits for training and research and development. Read our investment incentive guide to learn more about the investment incentive regime.

Aftercare Services

At the Investment Promotion Agency, we believe that the investment relationship does not have to end with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so we created an aftercare programme to support our clients as their investment ventures grow. When our clients enroll in the aftercare programme, we offer assistance for dealing with any obstacles or challenges that may arise. And, when it is time to grow and expand, we are there to offer advice and guidance to help these ventures meet their full potential.

Advocacy Services

We understand that no business environment is ever static, and adaptation is necessary for continued development and sustainability. As such, we advocate for changes; advising the government on strategies and policies for the continued development and enhancement of the overall investment environment for businesses to flourish.